Megan Racing Black Series Exhaust Systems

Black Series Exhaust Systems by Megan Racing

In need for a new exhaust system but do not want to attract unwanted attention from the police? Look no further than the new Megan Racing black series exhaust systems. With law enforcement becoming ever more strict with modifying your vehicle with performance parts, the need for more discreet performance parts have increased to keep a low profile. This was never more true than in California where in 2019 they have changed the law in regards to modified exhaust.

Megan Racing has developed a line of Cat-Back exhausts systems to meet the needs of today’s Low-Profile enthusiasts without sacrificing performance. Additionally these exhaust systems are based around our Type-2 and OE-RS exhaust systems. These exhaust systems feature more subtle exhaust tips that are polished to keep the visual aspect of your exhaust up to standard while having the rest of the system, the muffler and piping, coated in a stealthy flat black coating.

Additionally the flat black coating also acts as an anti-corrosion layer that will enhance the durability of your exhaust. Furthermore also trapping heat and noise within the piping to increase performance and reduce interior resonance. The tone of these exhausts is much more mellow while still retaining an aggressive tone at wide-open throttle.

Megan Racing Black Series Exhaust Specifications

  • Oval OE-Look Muffler
  • Flat-Black Finish
  • Mellow Tone