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New suspension parts have arrived from Megan Racing to add to vast variety of coilovers. For instance Megan Racing Euro 2 Coilovers feature comfortable ride quality. Secondly at the same time Euro 2 Coilovers offer performance essentials without compromising quality. In other words Megan Racing Euro 2 damper kits feature the best of both worlds.

The Euro Street II Series is a new Luxury Package based off of the Street-Series coil-overs. Additionally Euro 2 Series offer a more conservative spring and damper setup resulting in a more comfortable ride quality while still providing a sporty feel and control. Finally a coilover system for the luxury euro market that will give you the stance you want and the comfort you need.

Above all the Megan Racing Euro 2 coilovers are a simple solution for adjusting ride height and damper settings. In conclusion, Megan Racing Euro 2 Coilovers are a great value for enthusiasts of European vehicles that want coilover that handles well retains a luxury ride quality.  After that you are going to love how your vehicle handles and performs on the street.

  • 15 Levels of Adjustable Damper Strength
  • Aluminum Brackets paired with rubber inserts
  • Adjustable Ride Height
  • Conservative Spring Rates
  • Single-Cylinder Design monotube
  • All coilover damper kits come with 1 year manufacture-defect warranty.

Megan Racing Euro 2 Series Coilovers

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