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These Traction rods also allow for fine-tuned adjustments to the rear suspension geometry. By changing the length of the traction rod you change the position and pitch of which the suspension rotates upon and you change the amount of “Anti-Squat” of the rear. Although the adjustment is minimal, it can change the behavior or the vehicle during weight transfer.

Available Applications:

  • Front Traction Bar for Acura Integra 94-01 / Honda Civic 92-95 – MRS-HA-0392
  • Megan Miata/MX-5 16+ Rear Traction Arm (Pillow Ball) 2pcs MSRP $195 – MRS-MZ-1880
  • Rear Traction Rod for Nissan Z34/370Z – MRS-NS-0480-02
  • Rear Traction Rods for Infiniti M37/M56/M35h 11-13 / Q50 RWD/Q70 2014+ – MRS-IF-1180
  • Rear Traction Rods for Lexus GS350 (RWD Only) 2013+ / IS250/IS350 (RWD Only) 2014+ – MRS-LX-0381
  • Type-II Rear Traction Rod for Lexus IS300 01-05 / GS 98-05 – MRS-LX-0380-T2