Megan Racing Anti Bumpsteer Kits

Anti Bump Steer Kits by Megan Racing

Do you own a lowered Honda S2000? If so we invite you to check out the Megan Racing anti bumpsteer kit we offer for the S2k. Bump steer is one of the fragile points for suspension tuning on S2000. Megan Racing has created these spacers to eliminate some of the front bump steer that is created by lowering your vehicle. Additionally hardware is included. You will find that the vehicle will feel more planted and stable when suspension is pushed to the limit. In conclusion this is an inexpensive upgrade that solves a significant problem. In other words you need these bumpsteer spacers on your lowered S2000.

Anti Bumpsteer Kit Features

  • 7/16″ thickness
  • Aluminum made with anodized coating
  • Please note with these steering rack spacers installed, XBAR-S2K-S, XBAR-S2K-R, XBAR-S2K-B will not fit.