Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers

Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers 32 Way Adjustable Suspension

Honda Civic Megan Racing Coilovers

Are you looking for quality coilovers for your sport compact car? For instance we offer the Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers for many popular vehicles. Applications are available for makes including Acura, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Toyota and more. Secondly Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers offer some features not found in other brands such as pillowball upper mounts with built in camber adjustment plates. Secondly the Street Series Coilovers also feature 32 levels of damper to dial in the ride comfort. This means you can set the suspension very stiff if you wish to take your vehicle to a track day or autocross. After the event you then can soften the ride for daily commute set for comfort. Furthermore Street Series coilovers come with a 1 year replacement warranty against defects.

Weather you are looking to build a full show car or just want to make your daily driver handle better Megan Racing Coilovers are a great value. Most applications sell for $899 shipped within the continental USA.  Additionally Street Series Coilovers are our best sellers for vehicles such as Nissan 350Z, Subaru WRX, Acura Integra and more. Megan Racing coilovers have proven to be reliable over the test of time. We have been shipping Street Series Coilovers to customers all over the globe for over 10 years now.

Adjusting Street Series Coilovers Ride Height

Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers
Honda Accord Coilovers

Height adjustments are made with separate CNC Machined locking spring perches. For example this provides accuracy and smooth adjustment with separate shock length adjustment to retain full-stroke. The result allows for precision suspension tuning and performance. The wide range of allowable ride height adjustment allows for a mild drop to an aggressive stance.

Adjusting Megan Racing Coilovers Damper Level

Megan Racing Coilovers Damper Adjustment
Acura NSX Coilovers

To make adjustment to the Street Series Coilovers damper level you simply rotate the knob at the top left or right to stiffen or soften the ride. There are 32 levels to fine tune the ride comfort for both street or aggressive track use.

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Driven By Style has been a Megan Racing retailer since we opened in 2009. Because of this our staff is extremely knowledgeable about Megan Racing products. Additionally we guarantee the lowest price on Megan Racing products. If you do find a lower price please contact us and we will beat it! Finally we offer free shipping on all coilovers shipped within the continental USA. In other words we have you covered when it comes to getting your vehicle lowered with Megan Racing Coilovers.

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If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We have on staff experts that install these types of products as well as using them on our own personal vehicles at Driven By Style. Please follow our composites team on Instagram.

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