Megan Racing Down Pipes

Down Pipes by Megan Racing

In need of a performance down pipe for your turbocharged vehicle? Check out our Megan Racing down pipe applications. A performance downpipe replaces the factory downpipe with a straight through design. Additionally the increased diameter pipe improves overall exhaust flow and turbo response. Each Megan Racing down pipe features stainless steel construction and CNC machined flanges and OEM style bungs for O2 sensor.

An aftermarket down pipe produces big gains in forced induction vehicles and will yield usable power increases in normally aspirated vehicles as well. When a down pipe is installed your ECU tuning will need to be optimized for maximum performance. For instance to avoid a check engine light an ECU tune and/or o2 spacer may be required. Secondly we use T-304 stainless steel for all of our downpipes.  In conclusion upgrading the down pipe is one of the most critical upgrades when wanting to extract maximum power from a turbocharged vehicle. In other words get ready for some hp gains when you upgrade with a Megan Racing Downpipe!