Megan Racing Exterior Accessories

Exterior Accessories by Megan Racing

Megan Racing is most known for their performance and suspension upgrades. However Megan Racing also offers some exterior accessories that upgrade the style of your vehicle.

Megan Racing Aluminum Spoilers

Megan Racing Aluminum Spoilers:

In racing or any spirited driving, there are many forces that act upon your car; power, weight, and tires are a few things that can affect your car in either a negative or positive way. Aerodynamics is another factor that plays a big role in the performance and handling of your car and is often overlooked. …Read More

Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoilers

Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoilers:

Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Spoilers feature 100% carbon fiber. This top of the line, UV protected, light-weight (10 lbs) spoiler is easy to install. Additionally each carbon fiber spoiler comes with one year limited warranty. …Read More

Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Roof Spoilers

Megan Racing Carbon Fiber Roof Spoilers:

Megan Racing introduces their new carbon fiber rear roof spoilers. Each spoiler features 1×1  plain weave carbon fiber. Additionally each spoiler is UV protected to prevent fading in sunlight. Precise fit right on top of back window. Each spoiler installs with double sided tape. …Read More