Megan Racing Sway Bar Links

Suspension Links by Megan Racing

Looking for upgraded sway bar links? Check out our catalog of Megan Racing adjustable links. You need the capability to have every degree of adjustment above and beyond that of a street driven vehicle. Additionally you need strength to withstand the stresses and strains of hard corners, a rough road course and brutal weight transfer and chassis flex.

These reinforced Sway-Bar End-Links are constructed of a steel alloy with a high tensile strength. This allows it to withstand the rigors of strong weight transfer and aftermarket sway bars. Complete with Polyurethane Bushings for a more direct energy transfer and feel, these end links were designed with competition in mind while still being perfectly suited for a street vehicle. In conclusion these sway bar links are a minor investment that pays off with noticeable improvement. In other words it’s a no brainer to install these links on your vehicle.