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Megan Racing Coilovers
Megan Racing coilovers are the most popular product line in the Megan Racing catalog and for good reason. Megan Racing manufactures one of the best selling and most affordable collection of coilover adjustable damper kits on the market today. For instance many customers expect entry level quality for the price of these coilovers. However you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the quality of build and performance.

Megan Racing Applications

From Honda Civic to Mercedes Benz E-Class, our coilovers are available for over 250 vehicle applications. In addition Megan Racing coilovers are very durable and manufactured in high quality materials backed up with a one year manufacturer replacement warranty. Megan Racing coilovers are designed and built for quality and reliability you can count on for years of use.
Why buy Megan Racing Coilovers?
The biggest reason behind the early success of Megan Racing coilovers is that they are priced very competitively offering a premium product at what is normally an entry level price point. Above all Megan Racing never compromises on build quality! Weather you are looking to put together a weekend track car or in the market for coilovers to stance your new wheels on your BMW perfectly, Megan Racing offers coilovers that will suit your needs. In other words Megan Racing offers suspension upgrades for every customers needs! Finally everyone wants a great deal when buying any upgrades for their car. For this reason we offer a lowest price gauarantee on all Coilovers.

Lowest Price Guaranteed

Lowest Advertised Price

We guarantee the lowest price on all Megan Racing coilovers. Therefore if you find a lower price please contact us with the competitors link and will match or beat their price. In other words we will not be undersold on price, period!

What if my Coilovers wears out? What are my options?

We understand that coilovers are wear and tear items and over time may eventually have a damper fail on you. One of the most common questions we get is are these coilovers rebuildable and do you offer rebuild/revalve service.

The answer is that many race shops that service Billsetin are able to rebuild our coilovers. However in the event that a rebuild is not suitable we also offer individual component pricing if you need to replace any of the components rather than purchasing a full kit. Contact us for replacement part costs.

What are the different series of coilovers Megan Racing offers?

Megan Racing builds coilovers for everyone from the budget racer to luxury vehicle owners and even track day enthusiasts. In other words they have a suspension that suits just about every application out there.

EZ I Series Coilovers

Megan Racing EZ I Series is our entry level series of coilovers that provides you with the ability to adjust the vehicle ride height and gives you 15 levels of dampening adjustment to tailor the ride quality to your liking. Additionally these are our most affordable coilovers we offer. …Read More

EZ II Series Coilovers

New suspension parts have arrived from Megan Racing to add to vast variety of coilovers. Produced to be affordable while offering the most basic essentials for ride height adjustment, EZ 2 Series coilovers are an exceptional value. In addition they do it without compromising quality and performance. …Read More

Street Series Coilovers

Megan Racing Street Series are our sports car and sport compact car series of coilovers offering vehicle ride height adjustment, 32 levels of damper adjustment and most models also include upper pillowball camber plates for alignment adjustment. … Read More

Euro Series I Coilovers

Our Euro Series I Series share the same design as our popular Street Series Coilovers but use green anodized hardware that sets them apart from our Domestic and Asian Import applications. The Euro Series I Coilovers have applications available for Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen vehicles. …Read More

Euro 2 Street Series Coilovers

New suspension parts have arrived from Megan Racing to add to vast variety of coilovers. The Euro II series coilovers is more comfortable while offering performance essentials without compromising quality. …Read More

Spec-RS Series Coilovers

Megan Racing Spec-RS Series features 32 levels of damper force adjustment for compression and rebound adjustments separate for increased tuning capability. Additionally Spec-RS is the most adjustable coilover we offer …Read More

Track Series Coilovers

Megan Racing Track Series Series stands out above the competition with dependability and performance you can count on at a fraction of the price of other brands. Megan Racing Track Series feature a gunmetal finish for the brackets and black powder coat on the springs meaning they will look great for years to come. …Read More

Swift Track Series Coilovers

The Megan Racing Swift Track Series coilover line was designed and engineered for maximum performance for vehicles that are still street driven yet demand the absolute best in handling and performance. Megan Racing Swift Series are equipped with spring manufactured by Swift. Additionally the spring rates are higher than those in our Street Series coilovers. …Read More
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