Megan Racing 240SX 5 Lug Conversion Kits

Megan Racing 5 Lug Conversion Kit

5 Lug Conversion Kits by Megan Racing

Looking to convert your 240SX from 4 lug to 5 lug? Check out our 240SX 5 lug conversion kits. The Nissan 240SX/Silvia is an amazing platform in all its generations. The FR-Drive-train and it s light weight offer a perfect balance between speed and agility. Used in a wide range of motor-sports such as drag, drift, autocross, road race and even rally the 240SX has proven its worth time and time again.

Megan Racing has unveiled our new line of 5 lug conversion kits for Nissan 240SX S14. Each kit is constructed with high strength alloy that withstands high heat and tested for its durability. Upgrading to 5 lug pattern allows for other upgrades such as using 300ZX brakes. The more common 5 lug pattern makes aftermarket wheel options much easier to find.

Available Applications:

  • Rear 5 Lug Conversion Kit for Nissan 240SX 95-98 – MRS-NS-1893

Megan Racing Electric Fans

Electric Fans by Megan Racing

In need of an electric fan for your aluminum radiator? Look no further than these new Megan Racing electric fans. Megan Racing introduces their new Universal Radiator fans available in 10″, 12″ and 16″ versions. It uses a straight fin design and are made from intensive nylon and mounting accessories are included. Using an electric fan to move air through your radiator is an efficient way of cooling without using the engine to turn it. Finally if you have any questions on these fans or our aluminum radiators, our friendly knowledgeable staff is standing by to assist you. Additionally Driven By Style has over 10 years of experience as a Megan Racing authorized retailer and can answer any questions you may have. In conclusion we aim to be your one stop shop for Megan Racing performance and suspension upgrades. In other words we have all your Megan Racing needs covered!

Megan Racing Electric Fans Available Applications:

  • 16″ Radiator Fan
  • 12″ Radiator Fan
  • 10″ Radiator Fan

Megan Racing Aluminum Radiators

Megan Racing Radiators

Aluminum Radiators by Megan Racing

In need of a high performance aluminum radiator for your project car? Check out the line of Megan Racing aluminum radiators. We are proud to introduce the new catalog of high performance aluminum radiators. Anytime an individual introduces their car to a racing/drifting environment, the temperature of the vehicles engine will skyrocket. Therefore one common and effective method of reducing engine temperature is to employ an aluminum radiator. Furthermore this is a cost effective upgrade which can ultimately save an engine during competition or spirited driving.

Controlling engine temperature

Often times, a temperature drop of twenty degrees or more will be noticed when using an aluminum radiator. Also included is a 1.1 BAR radiator cap. In conclusion not only will an aluminum radiator be a good choice when replacing a broken OEM one it also is a good preventative measure before the stock radiator fails you. In other words you can never have a cooling system that is too efficient.

Megan Racing Exhaust Tips

Exhaust Tips by Megan Racing

In the market for a universal exhaust tip? Check out our selection of Megan Racing exhaust tip offerings to suit your personal taste. Similarly Megan Racing offers over 20 different styles of universal exhaust tips to perfectly complete your custom exhaust setup. All exhaust tips are made of stainless steel and engineered to last. For instance our selection of exhaust tips give you lots of options for complimenting your exhaust system. Finally the installation of these exhaust tips are the ideal way to finish of a custom exhaust system. In other words this is the cherry on top!

Driven By Style has been an authorized Megan Racing dealer since 2009. Additionally the staff here has the experience and knowledge to answer any questions you may have. In conclusion we are standing by to give you the best buying experience possible when shopping for Megan Racing products. Above all we are passionate about what we do and aim to do it the best!

Available Megan Racing exhaust tip applications:

  • 3″ VIP Exhaust Tips “Blast Pipes” Style (weld-on) – Angled
  • 3″ VIP Exhaust Tip “Blast Pipe” Style (weld-on) – Straight
  • Twin Stainless Roll 3″ Tips – Passenger Side
  • Twin Stainless Roll 3″ Tips – Driver Side
  • Twin Burnt Roll 3″ Tips – Passenger Side
  • Twin Burnt Roll 3″ Tips – Driver Side
  • Twin Black Chrome 3″ Tips – Passenger Side
  • Twin Stainless Steel Chrome 3.5-Inch Tips (2.5-Inch Piping) – Passenger Side
  • Twin Stainless Steel Chrome 3.5-Inch Tips (2.5-Inch Piping) – Driver Side
  • Twin Burnt Roll 3.5-Inch Tips (2.5-Inch Piping) – Passenger Side
  • Twin Burnt Roll 3.5-Inch Tips (2.5-Inch Piping) – Driver Side
  • Twin Black Chrome 3.5-Inch Tips (2.5-Inch Piping) – Passenger Side
  • Twin Black Chrome 3.5-Inch Tips (2.5-Inch Piping) – Driver Side
  • Stainless Steel Chrome 3.5-Inch Tip (2.5-Inch Piping)
  • Burnt Roll 3.5-Inch Tip (2.5-Inch Piping)
  • Exhaust Black Chrome 2.5

Megan Racing Turbo Outlets

Turbo Outlets by Megan Racing

Are you looking to buy a performance turbo outlet? Each Megan Racing Turbo Outlet helps to improve the exhaust flow right where you need it the most in your turbo-charged vehicle–right after the turbo. Turbo outlets are also known as an o2 housing. The turbo outlet improves the exhaust flow between the turbo and the down-pipe. This is most often a bottle-neck in turbo-applications. Secondly valuable horsepower can be gained by upgrading to our turbo outlets which allow your turbo to flow exhaust gasses more efficiently. Finally this is an upgrade that has a great bang for your buck. Turbo outlets start at just $120. In conclusion if you have already completed your downpipe back exhaust components the turbo outlet is the last piece of the puzzle. In other words you are going to enjoy the new found power.

Turbo Outlet Specifications:

  • 100% T-304 Stainless Steel Piping mandrel bent to maximize exhaust flow mated to computerized CNC-machined flanges with TIG-welds for strength and long-lasting durability.
  • Designed for use on OEM Turbochargers.
  • Smooth mandrel bends flow better than OEM Cast Turbo Outlets
  • All hardware is included for a direct bolt-on fit
  • o2 sensor bungs are M18x1.5 thread pitch

(NOTE: The turbo-outlets are for off-road use only and is not intended for use on public highways.)

Megan Racing Mid Pipes

Mid Pipes by Megan Racing

Have you installed an axle back exhaust system and now want to make that into a full cat back exhaust? Look no further than the Megan Racing mid pipe. Our mid section pipes are specially made to work with axle back exhaust systems to create a complete cat back exhaust system. Additionally installation of this upgrade allows the exhaust gasses to flow more freely and gain more horsepower and torque. Our mid pipes are made with 100% stainless steel and are a direct-fit to OEM axel back section. Finally each Megan Racing mid pipe is fully polished and is resistant to corrosion. In conclusion installing a Megan Racing mid pipe along with axle back exhaust you will notice quite an improvement. In other words you are going to enjoy driving your car after this is installed!

Driven By Style has been a Megan Racing authorized dealer for over 10 years now. This means our staff has the knowledge and experience to answer just about any question you may have. Additionally we guarantee the lowest price on Megan Racing products. Therefore any time you order a Megan Racing mid pipe you will be getting great service and an affordable price.

Megan Racing Mufflers

Universal Mufflers by Megan Racing

In need of a universal style muffler to build a custom exhaust system? Check out our Megan Racing mufflers that are available in many styles and configurations. Additionally our universal mufflers allow you to create your own custom exhaust system that suits your exact style and needs.  All Megan Racing mufflers are constructed in lightweight T-304 stainless steel with cnc machined flanges, tig welds and features exceptional quality. In conclusion these mufflers do a great job at completing a custom fabricated exhaust system. By choosing the style you prefer most you can end up with a one of a kind exhaust that meets your styling, sound and performance needs. In other words these mufflers are going to impress you with their quality!

Megan Racing Universal Muffler Specs

Applications are available in 2.25″, 2.5″ and 3″ models.

Megan Racing Test Pipes

Test Pipes by Megan Racing

Do you need a test pipe for your performance vehicle? Check out our Megan Racing test pipe upgrades. To achieve maximum power especially on turbocharged applications a test pipe can unlock horsepower. The catalytic converter robs you of valuable power that can come in handy at the race track. A test pipe restores this lost power by flowing straight through.

Megan Racing offers test pipes that are a direct bolt in installation. Simply unbolt the stock catalytic converter and bolt in the new test pipe. All test pipes are stainless steel and feature CNC machined flanges and clean tig welds. Megan Racing test pipe kits also integrate the OEM style bungs for O2 sensors. Finally these are the perfect compliment to customers that have already upgraded the cat back section of the exhaust system. In other words this is the perfect finishing touch to a fully upgrades performance exhaust system.

In conclusion these test pipes are not legal for street use and are designed to be used off road or on a race track. Please check local laws regarding the modification of the exhaust system by checking the vehicle code for your state. Many states are more stringent on exhaust modification laws and to pass SMOG. Please check your local laws.

Megan Racing Test Pipes Specifications:

  • Increase exhaust flow and engine performance
  • 100% Stainless steel with a Polished finish
  • Bolt-on design, easy installation
  • o2 Sensor Thread Pitch: M18x1.50


Megan Racing Down Pipes

Down Pipes by Megan Racing

In need of a performance down pipe for your turbocharged vehicle? Check out our Megan Racing down pipe applications. A performance downpipe replaces the factory downpipe with a straight through design. Additionally the increased diameter pipe improves overall exhaust flow and turbo response. Each Megan Racing down pipe features stainless steel construction and CNC machined flanges and OEM style bungs for O2 sensor.

An aftermarket down pipe produces big gains in forced induction vehicles and will yield usable power increases in normally aspirated vehicles as well. When a down pipe is installed your ECU tuning will need to be optimized for maximum performance. For instance to avoid a check engine light an ECU tune and/or o2 spacer may be required. Secondly we use T-304 stainless steel for all of our downpipes.  In conclusion upgrading the down pipe is one of the most critical upgrades when wanting to extract maximum power from a turbocharged vehicle. In other words get ready for some hp gains when you upgrade with a Megan Racing Downpipe!

Megan Racing Stainless Steel Headers

Stainless Steel Headers by Megan Racing

Are you looking to buy headers for your vehicle? Check out these Megan Racing headers we offer for sale. Megan Racing Stainless Steel Headers are made of thick T-304 Stainless Steel and are mandrel-bent to form and fit your particular application. Additionally our stainless steel headers feature thick flanges and strong welds prevent cracking for long-lasting durability.

Our stainless steel headers help your engine maximize its performance by improving exhaust flow efficiency. Therefore the exhaust gasses flow easier resulting in gained power and performance. Finally all our headers are tested to fit with OEM spec downpipe or aftermarket downpipes that feature OM style flanges. In conclusion the installation of Megan Racing Stainless Steel headers will dramatically improve the flow of your exhaust system and produce significant power results. In other words these headers are an exceptional value with quality you can trust.


  • 100% T-304 Stainless Steel with polished finish
  • OEM style O2 bungs where applicable

** Check your local laws before modifying your vehicles exhaust system.

**(NOTE: For off-road use only, not intended for use on public highways.)